How to Clean Your Jewelry And Keep It Looking Sparkly


How to Clean Your Jewelry And Keep It Looking Sparkly

By gabe

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Even the most expensive jewelry becomes dirty, tarnished, and requires regular cleaning. There are many articles that will list multiple home remedies for cleaning your jewelry which include bizarre household items such as ketchup, beer, and toothpaste. But do you really want to be rubbing that on your expensive jewels? Instead of experimenting with your vintage jewelry, we have coordinated a list of the best ways to spring clean the contents of your jewelry box.



Sterling silver tarnishes over time and is a soft metal that also scratches easily. The best way to clean your silver and to prevent tarnish is to invest in some polish. Polishing your silver regularly is the best way to ensure shiny silver year after year. Be sure to use a soft cloth or sponge to avoid marking or scratching the surface.



It is common for a film to form on karat gold causing it to appear dull and dingy. If your gold jewelry is not tarnished you can just clean it with warm soapy water. If it happens to be tarnished, add some ammonia to the water to get it shiny. Alternatively, you can have your precious gold professionally cleaned for the best results.



Arguably the classiest and most sophisticated jewelry items are made up of pearls. Pearls are however one of the most porous jewelry materials, meaning, they easily lose their luster. The best way to keep your pearls looking their best is to wear them. Wearing your pearls hydrates and polishes them by using your bodies natural oils, however, it is not as kind to the silk string. Be sure to wipe down your pearls when you take them off with a dry cotton cloth. It is also recommended that you keep them separate from your other jewelry in a cotton bag. Once a year, it is advisable to take your pearls to a professional to have them cleaned safely and thoroughly.



Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, but they are difficult to keep clean. Refrain from handling them as much as possible as the oil from your fingers can dull the sparkle. The best way to clean your jewels is to use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush or toothbrush. You may have heard that using toothpaste will make your diamond sparkle, however, it may damage the metals in which the diamond is set so it is not advisable. The key to a diamond’s sparkle lies in its facets, which are a number of tiny mirrors which reflect the light giving the sparkle effect. Regular cleaning of your diamonds will ensure that the facets stay sparkly and your diamonds stay clear and shiny.


To ensure your jewelry stays as clean as possible, always remove it when applying any kind of lotion or soap and make sure to store it correctly. For a FREE professional jewelry cleaning, like Precious Metals Refinery’s Facebook page and head to one of our Tucson locations on 5040 N Oracle Road, or 7069 E Tanque Verde Road.

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