Selling Your Gold, Jewelry, Diamonds & More

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Selling Your Gold, Jewelry, Diamonds & More

By gabe

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We all collect things that we don’t need and jewelry is no exception. Whether you’ve been amassing trinkets from your family members or just wanting to unburden your drawers and boxes, selling jewelry is a great way to get extra cash.

What to Expect

When you sell your jewelry, it’s good to look at your valuables like you’re selling a used car. You might have sentimental feelings for your great grandmother’s ring, but what do you really have in front of you? How much money you get depends on the quality of the diamond/stone and the weight of the item (a heavier item means more gold/silver you’re selling.)

If you have an insurance appraisal, that amount will always be higher than the price you receive. The reason the insurance appraisal is higher than the amount you’ll be paid is that the original number includes how much it would cost to replace your item at retail price. When you resale an item, the price reflects a small amount of overhead. To minimize this overhead, it’s better to sell directly to a buyer.

Sell Directly to a Buyer

When you sell your jewelry, it’s always better to sell directly to an educated buyer rather than going through a middleman. When you sell directly to a buyer, you don’t need to pay a middleman to appraise your jewelry which translates to more cash in your hand.
Having an experienced professional, such as a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) gemologist, evaluating your valuables is the best way to get the most accurate representation of how much your items are worth. Because these specialists have a professional stake in accurately evaluating your jewelry, you know that they’ll pay you the most they can.
Precious Metals Refinery (PMR) stores are open Monday – Saturday. Visit one of our stores today! Walk-ins are always welcome, for large estates or high dollar items please schedule an appointment today! PMR has a professionally trained staff that is ready to help you with every step of the selling process. Collect your cash today.

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