Your Refining Experience

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Your Refining Experience

Gold Refiners, Silver Refiners

We use the HIGHEST melting standards, superior furnace systems and fire assays for the most accurate results. We will pick up lots for free over one pound (454 grams, within 25 miles or our location). We also offer our outstanding mail-in service for a full melt and assay.

You deal directly with the refiner so you eliminate the cost of a middleman or broker. We pay you for all of your gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Payout is not estimated! Your payout is determined by the exact weight of precious metal content within your material. Your material will be weighed on a precision scale that was inspected and approved by the State Department of Weights and Measures.

Our services are available to the one time seller, the Jewelry and Dental Industry and other precious metal dealers.

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dental scrap being reforged into bullion
dental scrap being reforged into bullion

Superior Experience

When you sell your precious metals and dental scrap to be refined to a person over the counter, they are purchasing in their favor and not yours. The only accurate and true way to pay on dental material and other refined precious metals is to refine the material first. Do not sell yourself short by having the estimators buy over the counter and guess the after melt weight or percentages of precious metals. There is no guess work in our process.

We Guarantee to pay you more than our competitors! You will be so happy with your experience, we will keep you smiling!

We Pay Up To

  • 94% on gold
  • 90% on platinum
  • 90% on palladium
  • 90% on silver
  • $50 Assay, Melt, and Treatment fee on all lots

*Our payout is based on actual metal assay and current metal spot prices on the day that your refining is complete.