2018 Jewelry Trends


2018 Jewelry Trends

By gabe

purple diamond ring surrounded by smaller diamonds

You may have already noticed some jewelry trends which are taking shape this year, but beyond the Avant-garde costume jewelry you may have seen on the runway, we are taking a closer look at fine jewelry trends for 2018. After looking at the best intel from designers, color forecasters, and experts in the know, see the top three trends below:


  1. Pear Shape Jewels

Pear shape gemstones are all the rage this year, especially pear-shaped diamonds. This shape is popular due to the combination of the classic round shape and the elegant marquise shape, which is similar to an oval. Pear shape diamond rings are particularly on trend, due to the fact they have an elongating effect on the finger. This cut of diamond particularly makes the light dance, and people many love the versatility of being able to wear it two different ways; point up or point down.


  1. Colored Gemstones

The color forecast for 2018 is looking very bright. Intensely colored gemstones are on trend, think vivid blue sapphires and deep emerald greens. According to Pantone, ultraviolet is the color of the year, this color can be found in many gemstones including amethyst (February’s birthstone), alexandrite, ametrine, and tanzanite.


  1. Crystal Clarity

At the other end of the color spectrum will be total clarity. Prepare for combinations of crystals and diamonds beautifully displayed in an Asscher cut to best showcase incredible clarity. The better the clarity the more favored, and more expensive they will be. This will be a very popular trend for engagement rings in 2018.


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