Should You Ever Take Your Engagement Ring Off?

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Should You Ever Take Your Engagement Ring Off?

By gabe

So, you just got engaged? Congratulations! You are most probably in absolute awe of that new rock on your finger and feel as if you never want to take it off. But then the time comes when you are stripping off to run in the ocean and you wonder whether it is safe to wear your expensive jewels into the salt water. There are many articles that warn against wearing your shiny engagement ring while doing a whole number of activities. If you want your bling to continue shining bright for a long time, it’s important not to wear it while you’re busy doing the following activities.



It’s probably best to leave your engagement ring at home when going swimming, especially if you are going swimming in a lake or the ocean. Water causes our hands to shrink and if you lose your rock in the ocean, chances are it is gone forever. Furthermore, salty or heavily chlorinated water can really damage your jewelry.


Working Out

While going for a jog may not require you to take off your ring, you may want to consider taking it off for more strenuous activities, particularly lifting weights or using heavy machinery. For the most part, the metals used in engagement rings are “soft” to a certain degree and any type of heavy impact could bend your ring or even the stone setting.



If you are only planning on loading the dishwasher, leaving your engagement ring on would be fine. However, if you are planning on getting your hands dirty you should remove that bling. Your ring can get scratched easily on hard surfaces such as countertops, sinks, silverware. In addition to this, you can even potentially alter the color, thanks to harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia found in many common household cleaners.



If your dinner consists of cooking a frozen pizza, then you don’t have to worry about removing your ring. If you are going for something a little more gourmet and plan on chopping, kneading, baking, etc. it is advisable to remove your jewelry. Germs and bacteria can build up underneath your ring, it is not sanitary to wear it while cooking, not to mention the possibility of getting seasoning powder in your stone setting.



Showers and bathtubs can be a dangerous place for jewelry. Soap and water mixed with lots of scrubbing can lead to your ring slipping off and falling down the drain. Furthermore, oily soaps will dull the finish of your diamond and exfoliating soaps could even scratch it. It is advisable to remove your ring before stepping foot in your shower or bath.



After getting out of the shower it is tempting to put your ring straight back on, but be careful, if you have a skin care routine you will want to do this first. Lotions and potions are not good for your ring, build up can result in a diminishing and dulling of your stone over time. Secondly, remember to leave your ring off while getting ready, you definitely do not want to risk getting makeup or hairspray stuck in your ring.



There are lots of articles that advise against sleeping with your engagement ring on, it is up to your discretion to decide how well your ring fits, if it has sharp edges it could potentially damage your sheets or your significant other! Tossing and turning could potentially lead to the prongs on the stone setting to become loose. If you are worried about sleeping with your engagement ring on, it is best to get a jewelry box to house your jewelry at night.


Even the most perfect ring requires maintenance periodically. If you start seeing any signs of wear and tear, bring it into PMR to see how we can help you. We offer free jewelry cleaning to customers who like and share our Facebook page!

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