Rare Diamond Colors


Rare Diamond Colors

By gabe

moussaif red diamond

Diamonds are the most sought-after precious stones in the world because of their beauty and scarcity. Modern marketing leads us to believe nothing says “I love you” more than giving your beloved diamond jewelry. It takes a lot of time to form diamonds, and the conditions are specific, so supply is limited, and therefore, they are expensive. Even when those conditions are fulfilled, the quality of a diamond varies. Some cost more than others. Usually, the clearer the diamond means better the quality. Diamonds with a yellow or brown tinge are considered lesser quality, but the color doesn’t always devalue a diamond. Colored diamonds that possess a vibrant and exotic color are rare and exponentially increase their value over a clear diamond. From bright red hues to deep green, below are some known colors of discovered diamonds and some of the most famous of them. 


Red diamonds are the rarest colored diamonds, with approximately 20-30 natural red diamonds unearthed. Only a few locations around the world can source red diamonds. Unlike other colored diamonds that get their hue from chemical impurities, red diamonds do not. Experts believe the red color forms due to the lattice deformation that shows stress lamination during the formation process at the atomic structure. The light that passes through the diamond forms its incredible red hues.

The most famous known red diamond is The Moussaieff Red Diamond. The diamond measures 5.11 carats. It is the world’s largest known red diamond. Additionally, it is a triangular brilliant-cut and rated as fancy red by the GIA. Its estimated value is $20 million.


Green diamonds are also rare in terms of colored diamonds. The green hue is usually limited to a thin layer on the stone’s surface, so cutters must plan carefully to conserve as much color as possible. Most green diamonds have hints of other colors that modify the hue, and pure vivid green diamonds are rare and come at a premium. The green color develops when the diamond is exposed to rocks containing radioactive material such as uranium or thorium while underground.

The most famous and largest known green diamond is The Dresden Green. The diamond weighs a whopping 41 carats and is green throughout the stone.


Blue diamonds get their color from the element boron, which replaces carbon in the diamond structure. The color may range from a slight tint to a stunning deep blue. Blue diamonds are more common than red and green diamonds but still sell for high premium.

The most expensive blue diamond sold for $3.9 million per carat. The most famous of the blue diamonds, the Hope Diamond, is valued at $250 million.


Pink diamonds are also referred to as Argyle diamonds because they can only be found at the Argyle mine in Australia. Experts don’t know the exact cause of pink diamond formation, so they remain a bit of a mystery. Because pink is often associated with love and romance, pink diamonds tend to sell higher than even their blue counterpart. The average Argyle diamonds price will range between $10,000 to $700k+ per carat.

The Pink Star is the most well-known of the Argyle Diamonds and sold for $72.2 million dollars.


Finally, the yellow diamond is the most common of the colored diamonds. Vibrant and saturated yellow diamonds are still rare, but they are priced lower than the other colored diamonds. The yellow comes from the element nitrogen, which absorbs blue light and reflects a yellow tint. The most popular yellow diamonds come in a canary yellow. Yellow diamonds can cost between $3,000 and $5,000 per carat.

The largest and most expensive yellow diamond sold is The Graff Vivid Yellow which sold for $16.3 million.

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