3 Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

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3 Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

By gabe

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It’s more difficult than ever to be able to afford even the bare necessities of life in our modern world. Yet, when you’re ready to for marriage, the first step is the purchase of an engagement ring. Before you make such a big purchase, it may be wise to consider what your partner would want out of your engagement ring. What style would you like? Here are three diamond engagement ring styles to consider. Each style is a unique engagement ring option that will be sure to please.

  1. Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The cushion cut has been around for more than 100 years. In comparison to its more popular counterpart, the round brilliant, it is one of the most popular of the fancy cut diamonds. Cushion cut engagement rings are perfect for everyday wear due to its rounded edges. The fancy shape is able to avoid chipping and catching on hair and clothes. Cushion cut diamonds were once hard to find, but are now growing increasingly popular and are more widely available. The fire and brilliance of the cushion cut engagement ring are more subtle compared to a round brilliant, but in turn, has the ability to disperse light in a way that makes the play of light seem like a kaleidoscope of colors.

  1. Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Jewelry stores have a long list of diamond shapes that most people are familiar with. Although round cut diamonds are the classic shape, there is something to be said about princess cut diamonds. Princess diamonds actually tend to look larger than round diamonds due to the size of the top of the diamond. Princess cut diamond engagement rings tend to be less expensive than your round diamond because diamond cutters are able to utilize more of the rough versus the round diamond. More work, more money. If you want to take it up a notch, the fancy cut actually shines more than most fancy shapes. 

  1. Oval Engagement Rings

Oval diamond engagement rings are the masters of deception. They will always appear larger on your finger in comparison to another fancy cut diamond. Another perk to these beautiful tricksters is they will make your finger appear more slender due to their longer shape. Keep in mind that you should not have to pay more money for an oval cut engagement ring because of their low demand. Something to also consider is that you should think about the length to width ratio to make sure that the diamond is as wide or as long as you want it.

Whether you decide on cushion cut diamond rings, princess cuts, or oval cuts, fancy cut diamonds, engagement rings allow the wearer to express their individuality with their own personal style. Precious Metals Refinery is sure to have just what you’re looking for. We buy and sell. Sell to us and you can be sure that our experts will help you every step of the way. At Precious Metals Refinery,  we take those unwanted pieces and pay you 30%-40% more than any competitor. Diamond jewelry is only a part of what we do. Are you looking to upgrade your bridal set? Let us take your older jewelry off your hands. We’ll help you get one step close to a newer ring. White gold, yellow gold, and even rose gold, we take gold of all purities. Let us take a look and you’ll love what you get in return.

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