Top 3 Popular Rolex Models


Top 3 Popular Rolex Models

By gabe

Known to many, the Rolex is an iconic watch. Worn by the most elite celebrities like David Beckham and Johnny Depp, Rolex has left its mark. Known for its intricate and unique designs, Rolex is highly valued and collected around the world. There are different types of Rolex watches available, and depending on the model, prices vary. Used for more than functionality, the timepiece is a fashion statement. There are many Rolex watches in the market, and we know it isn’t easy to be familiar with every model produced. Precious Metal Refinery will pay you the most for your luxury watches and give them the value they deserve.

Here are the 3 most popular Rolex models in the market:

  1.       Rolex Datejust

Rolex introduced the Datejust in 1945. It was the first watch to feature self-winding and date on a wristwatch. Datejust also has an automatic winding that updates the date automatically each day at midnight. The classic Rolex watch features the signature cyclops lens, which is a magnifying date bubble. Datejust’s popularity comes from its versatility and changes over the years while keeping its sleek classic look.

  1.       Rolex Submariner

Correlated to its name, the Rolex Submariner is the first watch to be waterproof up to 330 feet. The Submariner is one of the most popular Rolex models and was designed with scuba divers in mind. Eventually, the watch reached popularity with musicians and celebrities. The Rolex Submariner is so popular that it is one of the most counterfeited watches in the market. It is a versatile watch that features a unidirectional, rotatable time-lapse diver’s bezel, date tracking, and automatic movement with a 40mm black dial. The Submariner is a sporty watch that is sleek to fit any fancy event. The prices can range anywhere from five to six thousand depending on the quality.

  1.       Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona has been in production since 1963 due to its high popularity. It was originally marketed towards race car drivers. Due to its masculine design, it has become a popular model with men. The Rolex Daytona boasts a chronograph scale to measure speeds up to 400 kilometers per hour for racers. With a sporty and sleek design, the Daytona has three small sub-dials to measure hours, minutes, and seconds. These sub-dials give the watch a sporty appearance, and the different models are highly sought out by collectors.

With Rolex being a timeless watch loved by all, there will always be value for your old watches. There are a variety of models and Precious Metal Refinery will give you the best Rolex price. The Datejust, Daytona, and Submariner are examples of Rolex watches that boast a substantial price tag. Whether it is a newer or older model, there are always Rolex watches for sale.

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