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Sell your gold at Precious Metals Refinery in Scottsdale, AZ! We are paying the highest prices for gold coins, jewelry, bars, or any gold items.

What determines the price of my gold item?

Gold is soft and often mixed with other metals when incorporated into jewelry. When you hear gold referred to as 24-karat, or 10-karat, this refers to the purity, or amount of gold in an object. Gold items can range anywhere from 24-karat, which is pure gold, to “low grade”, which is anything less than 8-karats. At PMR, we purchase all gold items, no matter the purity. We also purchase gold-filled items, (which usually contain around 1 – 2% gold) for the same price of sterling silver, and rolled gold items, as long as they are non-magnetic.

How does PMR determine the value of gold?

All of our Precious Metals Refinery locations have a state-of-the-art X-Ray gun that tells us the precise elemental analysis of alloy materials in an object. Thermo Fisher Scientific, a reputable company and leader in lab equipment, makes the machine; PMR uses their Niton XRF Analyzer model. The machine is easy to use, tests your gold or jewelry within seconds without damaging it, and allows us to have accurate results on the precise elemental makeup of your item. With the help of this tool, we know the exact amount of gold in an object, so we can guarantee our customers the highest payout possible.

Unsure how much gold is in something you own? If you have an item you think is gold or low karat gold, we offer an X-Ray service. Please call our store for the latest information and prices.

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    Types of gold purchased by PMR:

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    • Pure gold (24-karat)
    • 22-karat
    • 21.6-karat
    • 18-karat
    • 16-karat
    • 14-karat
    • 12-karat
    • 10-karat
    • 8-karat
    • Low grade gold
    • Gold rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces (see also our jewelry page)
    • Nuggets
    • Raw gold
    • Casting grains
    • Plumb gold
    • Dental gold
    • Gold coins (see also our rare coins page)
    • Gold scrap
    • Gold bars

    Our long love of gold

    Perhaps the most famous metal in the world, gold has been valued for its beauty throughout history. From use in ancient Egyptian burial masks, as a currency, and in ancient and modern jewelry alike, gold has had many uses over the years and continues to be highly sought after. As stories like the myth of King Midas, who could turn anything he touched to gold, the legends of the city of El Dorado, a city made entirely of gold, or fairytales where maidens could spin hay into gold suggest, we’ve had a deep fascination with this precious metal for a long time. Some of the most exciting stories from history also center around gold – such as the California Gold Rush or Mansa Musa, a medieval king of Mali thought to be one of the richest people to have ever lived.

    Today, we continue our fascination with gold and continue to value and use it in very important objects, such as wedding rings. As mentioned above, because gold is so soft, it is often mixed with other metals to produce a studier final product. But, this has the added benefit of resulting in different colors or types of gold! In addition to what you may think of as “traditional” yellow gold, other varieties such as rose gold have risen in popularity over the last couple years. (Read about the three top styles of gold on our blog, here!) No matter its form or its style, though, PMR is always looking to purchase your gold. Read below to find out all of the types of gold we currently purchase.

    See kitco for more details.

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