The Meaning Behind Eternity Rings

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The Meaning Behind Eternity Rings

By gabe

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An eternity ring, also known as an infinity ring, is usually made of precious metals either gold or silver. Most commonly worn by women, but sometimes worn by men, to symbolize the everlasting love between a couple. An eternity ring completes the trinity of rings on a woman’s wedding finger as it goes alongside her wedding ring and engagement ring. Alternatively, the eternity ring can be given instead of an engagement ring or wedding ring. Traditionally they are given as a romantic gift, they are a way of showing appreciation and devotion to another person. Their circular shape represents lasting love which will continue forever.


It is believed that eternity rings date back thousands of years to the Egyptian times, while the rings weren’t used to celebrate a special occasion, they were given to represent the eternity of life and love. The Egyptians believed that the bond of marriage between a man and woman was so strong that it could not be interrupted by death. The earliest eternity rings found were a circular metal band set with stones along with top or bottom and even carved bone.


Years later tradition dictated, eternity rings were given by a husband to his wife to celebrate their 60th diamond wedding anniversary. However, nowadays eternity rings are given to commemorate a momentous event or occasion such as the birth of a child, or a significant anniversary.


Typically, diamonds are the most common gemstone included in an eternity ring, they are the strongest, rarest, substance on the planet. However, colored gemstones may be added to make the ring more personal. For example, different anniversaries have different gemstones associated with them, a 15th wedding anniversary is represented by a ruby, and 20th is represented by an emerald.


Eternity rings are an investment and can be passed down for generations, so they should represent a significant moment in your life. Whether you are looking for an eternity ring for your girlfriend, boyfriend, 1st year wedding anniversary, or 50 year anniversary, stop by a Precious Metals Refinery store near you. PMR will also buy your old eternity ring for the most money in town, visit us today!

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