How to Sell Your Designer Jewelry

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How to Sell Your Designer Jewelry

By gabe

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If you are thinking about selling your designer jewelry, it is important to make an informed decision before you part with your item. Read this quick guide before you hand over your jewelry.

What is Designer Jewelry?

There is a huge spectrum of ‘designer jewelry’, there is no definitive answer to what falls into the category and what does not. The most accurate definition is branded premium jewelry which is manufactured in relatively small numbers from brands such as Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Cartier and Christian Dior. There are a vast amount of different types including handmade and vintage designer jewelry and every individual piece has its own value.

Why do You Want to Sell Your Designer Jewelry?

There are many reasons that people decide to sell designer jewelry, the main reasons include money, changing styles and inherited items. Designer jewelry is much like designer clothes, it goes in and out of fashion with each season that goes by. It is easy to trade in your old jewelry for a newer more fashionable item. It is also very common for designer jewelry to be left in a Will, it is a good idea to get it valued as it may be worth more than you think, particularly rare or vintage items.   

Selling Your Designer Jewelry

The best way to sell any jewelry is an in-person consultation, avoid selling items online as you may not be getting an accurate evaluation. If you are looking to sell your designer jewelry, Precious Metals Refinery is always looking to purchase quality jewelry. We guarantee the best price for your jewelry. Make an appointment today with one of our qualified buyers at Precious Metals Refinery.

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