Top 3 Tips on Selling Your Rolex


Top 3 Tips on Selling Your Rolex

By gabe

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As the holiday season rolls around, selling your Rolex Watch can have many advantages. From financing that new convertible to paying off some credit cards, selling a well-kept wrist-watch or jewelry can help big time. Made in Switzerland, Rolex watches come in a wide range of styles and collections for both men and women.

Supply and demand of a specific Rolex model will affect the price of the piece. A newer model with its box and papers of authenticity and warranty will usually result in a valuation higher than a 15-year-old model because of the value of those supporting documents.

Therefore, if you are looking at selling your Rolex or if you’re merely inquiring what factors can impact the current value, here are the Top 3 Tips on selling your Rolex:

Current Condition:
Significant value can be gained or lost based on the state of the wristwatch. The movement of the watch hands, the condition of the glass cover, and the size of the bracelet are among some of the things that can affect the value of the timepiece.

The resale value of the watch can depreciate just like a brand new vehicle. Many factors will affect the given value of a model of Rolex. Some of these are the supply and demand of your specific model. The age of your piece typically decreases the value, yet it can drive the resale value up instead if it was part of a limited edition.

Party being sold to:
You can expect the best return when you’re selling your watch to a private seller. Selling a Rolex watch to a dealer is the most convenient of the options, it is much safer, and can yield a substantially higher return. Much like selling a used car: private sales take longer. The quickest way to sell is to do it directly with a dealer.

Our team of highly skilled professionals will walk you through the process of selling your valuable timepiece. As an elegant piece of functional jewelry, the Rolex watch stands out. We will give you the best price for your Rolex at your appraisal or at a desired later date.

Furthermore, contact us to set up a private valuation with no obligations. You can get immediate cash today in our comfortable, private atmosphere. We even offer loans if you would prefer to keep the timepiece and just looking for quick cash. For over 50 years, above all, we at Precious Metals Refinery pride ourselves on integrity, accuracy, and consistency.

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