September Birthstone

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September Birthstone

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sapphire september birthstone

September is around the corner, and it may be someone you love’s birthday month. If that’s the case, then you need to start thinking about gifts! There’s something about birthstones that fascinates, whether the focus is on their history and lore, or the emotional connection an individual may have with their birth month’s gem.


September’s birthstone is the gorgeous sapphire. The sapphire can come in many color variations, though most commonly seen in a light blue hue. Sapphires have been cherished since the Greek and Latin times, the word sapphire in both languages meaning blue.


During the 12th century, members of the royal family wore sapphires to ward off negative thoughts and as added protection. It has been known that the Greeks wore a sapphire at the Delphi while seeking wisdom from the Oracle at Apollo’s shrine. Even a thousand years before, the rulers of ancient Persia (approx. 800 B.C.) believed that the sky got its color from reflecting sapphire stones. For many different religious contexts, to its significance throughout time, the Sapphire is viewed as one of the most precious gems in all time.
Sapphires are known to represent royalty, wisdom and protection from harm and evil while symbolizing sincerity truth, faithfulness and nobility. The stone is said to eliminate nerves, providing you with a clear mind to make important decisions. The ideal gift for a September baby.


According to the Gemological Institute of America, “the coloration of blue and fancy sapphires involves interactions between these impurity elements—sometimes in combination with imperfections in the gem’s crystal structure—that absorb light and impart color into this otherwise colorless mineral.” The sapphire comes in a range of colors from dark to light blue, however the sapphire can also come in different colors as well. The additional hues range from yellow, orange, pink, green, violet, brown, black as well as intermediate hues.


There is a lot of history and meaning behind a sapphire, which is why it would make the perfect gift for your loved one. If you are looking to buy or sell sapphires, or any other gemstones, visit one of our Precious Metals Refinery locations. We have a unique selection of jewelry at very affordable prices.

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