3 Things To Know About Earrings

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3 Things To Know About Earrings

By gabe

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3 Things To Know About Earrings

Ear piercing and earrings are one of the oldest types of body modification found throughout human history, with evidence of their popularity even being found in the Bible. Passages that were written sometime between  500 and 300 B.C.E. discuss gold earrings adorning men, women, and children’s ears. There is even evidence that they were a part of the Minoan Civilization’s culture which dates back as far as 2000 B.C.


One of the earliest forms of body modification, earrings have not always been accepted in general society. While earrings were common jewelry for both sexes throughout ancient Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. There were times when European and Western societies deemed the adornment only acceptable for females.

Earrings and their wearing patterns have gone in and out of style throughout time in accordance with societal norms and fashion trends. While the traditional style of two symmetrical piercings through the earlobes has been a go-to for centuries. There were times in Europe during the Baroque and Renaissance periods where many people opted for a single piercing as it was trending. Today there is a myriad of piercing location possibilities and the practice has expanded up the ear. To different areas of the face, and even throughout the rest of the body.

Earrings have also stood as symbols of status and community at different times. During the European Renaissance, the practice was popular with courtiers and gentlemen to represent status like other pieces of jewelry. Wearing an earring made of gold or silver showed one’s status and financial power.


There have been periods of stigma against piercings in many societies. Women with piercings in the United States were considered “bad girls” for a long period of time. Once it became commonplace, certain doctors began offering piercing services by the 50’s – 60″s. The commercial ear piercing industry would not rise for another 10 to 15 years.

On the other hand, for quite a long time sailors have embraced pierced ears to symbolize a crossing of the Equator or a successful sail across the world. The practice gradually changed to simply be a marker of a sailor and some still embrace earrings as a sense of community. In the 1960s. the hippie and LGBT communities in the United States took a liking to earrings. They quickly became important symbols of their community. Men would often pierce their ears to denote that they were a part of one of these groups. Some with symmetrical piercings and others with only one to symbolize different things.


At Precious Metals Refinery, there are earrings of all sorts, made from a variety of materials and for a myriad of reasons. While some people use earrings to show status with expensive jewelry. Others may choose to reveal something about themselves based on the earring design or placement. Some simply admire the beauty and novelty of this unique type of jewelry. We at Precious Metals Refinery are sure to have the perfect earrings for you or your loved one.

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