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Sell your silver at Precious Metals Refinery! Tucson’s best silver buyers! We are paying the highest price for silver coins, jewelry, Native jewelry, flatware, bars, and other items.

What determines the price of my silver?

Because of its soft nature, silver is often mixed with other metals – this, in fact, is the difference between an item that is “fine silver” versus “sterling silver”. Sterling silver items are mixed with metals such as copper to strengthen the final product. Please remember also not to polish any silver items before bringing them in – the original patina may help increase their value.

How do you determine the value of my silver?

All of our Precious Metals Refinery locations have a state-of-the-art X-Ray gun that tells us the precise elemental analysis of alloy materials in an object. Thermo Fisher Scientific, a reputable company and leader in lab equipment, makes the machine; PMR uses their Niton XRF Analyzer model. The machine is easy to use, tests your silver or silver jewelry within seconds without damaging it, and allows us to have accurate results on the precise elemental makeup of your item. With the help of this tool, we know the exact amount of silver in an object, so we can guarantee our customers the highest payout possible.

Unsure how much silver is in something you own? If you have an item you think is silver or low-grade silver, we offer an X-Ray service. Please call our store for the latest information and prices.

We buy all types of Sterling Silver:

  • Coins
  • Flatware
  • Sterling tea sets
  • Native American jewelry
  • Jewelry
  • Wire and sheets
  • Bars and rounds

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    Silver throughout the ages

    Humans have been using and mining for silver for thousands of years. Like gold, over the ages silver has been used to make everything from coins, to jewelry, to silverware! Silver can be found in the world’s earliest coins, delicate tiaras set with sparkling gemstones, and in treasured family heirlooms like tea sets. It has also played an important part in the annals of history, such as during the discovery of the Americas or settlement of the Nevada.

    Silver remains popular today, and is a popular choice for jewelry and bullion. The precious metal is also used in various other industries beyond jewelry, like in electronics – you TV or computer wouldn’t be able to run without it! (You can read more about different uses for silver at our blog.) Because of its many uses, silver is always in high demand and PMR is always looking to purchase all types of silver.

    See kitco for more details.

    Flatware and Holloware


    Sterling flatware has been gifted for many generations, and has often been a popular wedding present throughout the years. Today, however, most sterling silver items are no longer wanted. Younger generations are turning away from sterling flatware as they do not entertain in the same way as previous generations, or want to polish their silver items. Unsure of what to do with a sterling flatware set that no one seems to want anymore? We are currently purchasing the following brands, but may be open to others, too. We also look for the following stamps: 925, 900, 835, 800, sterling silver, and coin silver.

    Some brands of flatware:

    • Avis Sterling
    • George Jensen Sterling
    • Gorham Sterling
    • International Sterling Co.
    • Kirk & Sons Sterling
    • Onita Sterling
    • Reed & Barton Sterling
    • Royal Danish Sterling
    • Stieff Sterling
    • Tiffany & Co. Sterling
    • Towle Sterling
    • Tuttle Sterling
    • Wallace Sterling

    Native American Jewelry

    We have many customers looking to purchase Native American jewelry – whether it’s vintage or modern – from us, and we can pay a premium to the public for their Native American items.

    We are looking for necklaces, cuffs, rings, bolos, bracelets, and squash blossoms, as well as other, perhaps unusual, pieces. The most desirable pieces come from the following tribes:

    • Navajo
    • Pueblo
    • Hopi
    • Zuni
    • Santo Domingo (Kewa Pueblo)
    • Apache
    • Planes tribes

    Some makers of Native American jewelry:

    • Charles Loloma
    • Mark Chee
    • Fred Peshlakai
    • Julian Lovato
    • Tommy Singer
    • Raymond Begay
    • Alis Quam
    • Frank Patania