Sell Your Rare Coins and Bullion

Sell your rare coins at Precious Metals Refinery. Whether they are American, Mexican, Canadian, or other foreign coin currencies, we are interested in any rare collectible coins. As part of our effort to assess the true worth of their items, we will offer you a payout based on numismatic value as well – not just one based on the metal contents. Our coin and numismatic experts on staff will examine your coins with the utmost care and expertise.

PMR especially welcomes coins graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and Professional Coin Grading Service, for which we will pay a premium. And please remember – never polish or clean any of your coins, as this can destroy their value.

The earliest known metal coins were produced in the Mediterranean region around 2,500 years ago, in the Lydian Empire. Currencies made of metal caught on pretty quickly, and we continue to use coins to this very day. While we don’t expect you to walk in with a Lydian coin (or even these three rare coins we explored on our blog) we do look forward to examining your other rare coins from throughout the ages and across the world.

Unsure if a coin you have is rare? Arrange a free consultation with us today to see if you have a rare coin on your hands.

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    Types of coins purchased by PMR:

    rare coins

    • Copper, nickel, silver and gold coins
    • Gold dollars
    • $2.50 Gold
    • $3 Gold
    • $5 Gold
    • $10 Gold
    • $20 Gold
    • Rare U.S. gold and territory coins
    • 1964 90% silver coins
    • 1964-1970 40% silver coins
    • Half-cents and cents
    • Two and three cents
    • Nickels
    • Half-dimes and dimes
    • Quarters
    • Half-dollars
    • Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, and trade dollars
    • Commemoratives
    • Bullion Coins
    • Proof and mint sets
    • Colonials
    • Territorials

    Bullion purchased by Precious Metals Refinery:

    • Gold and silver American Eagles
    • Gold and silver Buffaloes
    • Gold and silver generic rounds
    • Gold and silver Maple Leafs
    • Gold and silver Philharmonics
    • Gold and silver Pandas
    • Gold and silver Krugerrands
    • Gold and silver Ducats
    • Gold and silver Pesos
    • Gold and silver Coronas
    • Gold and silver Rubles
    • Gold and silver Francs
    • Gold and silver Swiss bars and coins
    • Gold and silver bars
    • 1 ounce, 5 ounce, 10 ounce, and 100 ounce bars
    • Kilo bars