palladium metal

Palladium Metal

We purchase all types of palladium at Precious Metals Refinery! A cousin of platinum, palladium metal is a rare earth precious metal that is a component of catalytic converters and in some dental materials. It is also sometimes found in old jewelry – especially rings – and continues to be used to create new pieces. Palladium, like gold, silver, and platinum, is also used as bullion, although this use is less common due to the automotive industry’s demand for it. We purchase palladium jewelry, dental material, bars, and coins.

How do you determine the amount of palladium in an item?

All of our Precious Metals Refinery locations have a state-of-the-art X-Ray gun that tells us the precise elemental analysis of alloy materials in an object. Thermo Fisher Scientific, a reputable company and leader in lab equipment, makes the machine; PMR uses their Niton XRF Analyzer model. The Niton XRF Analyzer is easy to use, tests your item within seconds without damaging it, and allows us to have accurate results on the precise elemental makeup of your item. With the help of this tool, we know the exact amount of palladium in an object. So we can guarantee our customers the highest payout possible.

Do you have jewelry or a dental material that may contain palladium? If you think your item contains palladium, we offer an X-Ray service. Please call our store for the latest information and prices.

History of Palladium

Palladium was discovered a little over 200 years ago, and we’ve been putting it to good use ever since! A member of the platinum group metals, palladium does share some characteristics with platinum-like its silvery-white sheen. As a result, it is sometimes mixed with gold to create white gold. When the government prohibited platinum’s use in jewelry during World War II, many jewelers replaced it with palladium. Although it is less common, it is still found in some newer jewelry and has some benefits over platinum. For example, palladium is more durable and less dense than platinum, and palladium jewelry is more scratch-resistant and lighter in weight. Besides jewelry, it is also found in some dental materials, as it adds a nice sheen to fillings.

However, the most use of palladium today is within the automotive industry. It is an essential component of catalytic converters and is responsible for removing toxic gasses from your car’s exhaust! Because of its use and its rarity, it is in high demand – and why we are always interested in buying it!

Types of Palladium stamps purchased by PMR

  • PD
  • PD 950
  • PD 900

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