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Do you know where to buy gold? Look no further than Precious Metals Refinery, your trusted destination to purchase gold, including gold bullion and gold coins. Whether you want to buy gold near you or need to know the spot price of gold, we’ve got you covered.

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Purchase your gold at Precious Metals Refinery! We offer competitive prices on gold bullion and gold coins.

At Precious Metals Refinery, we specialize in buying and selling precious metals. Here’s why we’re the best place to buy gold locally:

  1. Competitive Prices: When you choose us to buy your gold, you can be sure you’re getting the best price. We offer competitive rates for all types of gold, from bullion to coins.
  2. Convenient Locations: We have many stores in Tucson, Phoenix, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and Indio, making it easy to find a convenient option when searching for “buy gold near me.” Visit us in person to get a quick and accurate appraisal of your gold items.
  3. Physical Gold: Unlike buying gold online, you can look and feel it before you buy it and have it in hand the same day.
  4. Transparent Process: Wondering how to buy gold? Our transparent and straightforward process ensures that you understand every step of the transaction so that you can make an informed decision.
  5. FAQs Answered: Visit our FAQ section for answers to common questions about purchasing gold.

When you search “where to buy gold” or “best place to purchase gold,” remember that Precious Metals Refinery in Tucson, Phoenix, Palm Desert, and Palm Springs is your trusted partner. Contact us or visit our location today to buy gold coins and gold bullion.

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Our long love of gold

Perhaps the most famous metal in the world, gold has been valued for its beauty throughout history. From use in ancient Egyptian burial masks as a currency and in ancient and modern jewelry alike, gold has had many uses over the years and continues to be highly sought after. As stories like the myth of King Midas, who could turn anything he touched to gold, the legends of the city of El Dorado, a city made entirely of gold, or fairy tales where maidens could spin hay into gold suggest, we’ve had a deep fascination with this precious metal for a long time. Some of the most exciting stories from history also center around gold – such as the California Gold Rush or Mansa Musa, a medieval king of Mali thought to be one of the wealthiest people to have ever lived.

Today, we continue our fascination with gold and continue to value and use it in significant objects, such as wedding rings. As mentioned above, gold is so soft that it is often mixed with other metals to produce a sturdier final product. But this has the added benefit of resulting in different colors or types of gold! In addition to what you may think of as “traditional” yellow gold, other varieties, such as rose gold, have risen in popularity over the last couple of years. (Read about the three top styles of gold.)

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Buy your gold at PMR. We offer competitive prices on gold. Contact any of our locations to schedule an appointment.