Bringing your business to PMR means you don’t have to gamble with your precious valuables by giving them to common sales associates who never have your best interest in mind. We spend a great deal of time training our staff and buyers, as well as informing our communities on the world of precious metals, gems, and jewelry. This allows us to make confident assessments and choices on every piece that enters our stores.



Every item that enters our stores is handled with care and accurately inspected and weighed on precision scales. Our scales have been approved by the state’s Department of Weights and Measures for use in business to accurately and confidently weigh precious items.

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Precious Metals Refinery has over 50 years worth of experience and expertise in the jewelry and precious metals industry. The PMR experience upon entering our store is a comfortable atmosphere, secure transactions, and the confidence that you chose the most trusted name in buying precious metals, jewelry, watches, and valuables.

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At PMR you are working directly with the buyer and the refinery. No middle man is the beauty of our business. Too many hands in the pot mean less money in your pocket. Because of our direct business to customer structure, we are able to offer you 30%-40% more money for your precious metals, jewelry, watches, gemstones, and coins.

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In addition to proudly employing GIA graduate gemologists, we staff highly qualified and expertly trained buyers to conduct all evaluations and tests directly in your presence. The professional expertise you receive upon bringing your business to PMR will guarantee an evaluation of your valuables, a complete understanding and transparent knowledge on our buying process, and an immediate cash offer.

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We pride ourselves on complete and total transparency. Our locations are private and secure for your convenience and confidence. Always keeping your precious items within sight during an inspection and immersing you in our process is our way of keeping you in the conversation and letting you take the reins of the transaction. Each transaction is conducted in our private room with complete confidentiality and professionalism.

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