When you choose Precious Metals Refinery (PMR), you’ve elected to deal with trained professionals. Profit from our expertise and years of experience. We know how to get our customers the most money for their valuables.

What sets PMR above the competition?

Most stores make their customers wait at a counter in the open with other people around that can see what they have brought in and the amount of money a person leaves with. This is very dangerous for the customer. Also, most places take your valuable into a back room and examine it there. This often makes for an uneasy experience as you don’t know what is happening in the back room. Many places file or scratch your items and can leave marks and damage.

PMR has no back rooms. We invite you to our private buying offices where all of our state of the art equipment is. We analyze your items with an X-Ray machine so we don’t have to scratch your items. We clean your diamonds right in front of you so nothing ever leaves your sight. When we pay our clients, it is private and confidential. No one knows what you brought in or how much money you leave with. Our staff is highly trained and our security is top of the line.

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Get the Most Value

Rest assured that Precious Metals Refinery will always offer you the most for your valuables. If a competitor gives you a better written offer, we will be happy to beat it. Our years of experience and expertise provide us with the ability to give you the best price. Our staff is comprised of Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified Gemologists, coin and numismatic specialists, and watch experts.

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Private, Secure, Professional

Let our buyers help walk you through the selling process in a private environment. The process is confidential and when you leave our store, you’ll have money in hand. Our building is designed with security in mind and your valuables will never leave your sight during our evaluation.

Diamond in Hand

Eliminate the Middleman

Our staff is composed of a broad range of experts that know how to appraise your valuables and give you the most money. When you sell directly to PMR, you eliminate the middleman. One less person to deal with means there is one less expense. This means you will get more money in your pocket.


PMR has a great reputation and more than 200 positive reviews online.

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