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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you buy silver plated items?

We do not buy silver plated items, but we do buy any type of sterling silver. We will buy 925 silver, 900 silver or 800 silver. Please refer to the video section of our website to watch the video about sterling vs. plated.

Do you buy flatware/tea sets?

Yes, we buy all types of flatware and tea sets as long as they are marked sterling, .925 or 800.


Do you buy broken jewelry?

Yes, we purchase all forms of broken jewelry.

Do you purchase dental gold and silver?

Yes, we buy gold of many varities, including dental gold, platinum, silver and palladium.

Will you buy loose diamonds?

We buy all diamonds, any cut, carat, color, & clarity.

Are certain diamond shapes more expensive than the others?

Yes, the round diamond is slightly more for two reasons. It is the most requested shape, so the rules of supply and demand are in effect. Also, and more importantly, there is less recovery from the original rough when producing a well-cut round diamond.


Do you buy gold filled jewelry?

Yes we do buy gold filled jewelry as long as you have large quantity (over 5 ounces)

Do you buy gold/silver bullion?

Yes, we buy gold bullion and silver bullion. We also sell gold bullion and silver bullion

Do you buy coins?

We buy silver coins and we buy gold coins. We pay top dollar for your graded PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) coins. We pay high collector value for numismatic coins.

Does the fluctuating price of metals affect what I get in cash for gold or jewelry?

Yes, our assessment follows market prices. Our computer system gives us real time current market
prices updated every few seconds.

Do you make custom jewelry?

If you can draw it, we can make it. You can choose the type of metal that your piece will be made of, as well as the size diamonds/gemstones that you would like included in your piece.


Do you do trades on jewelry?

Yes, we will trade an item you would like to purchase for equal value of materials that you bring in to sell to us. We will apply the full metal value along with a substantially higher percentage of the diamond and gemstone value of your items towards the purchase of jewelry and/or design services. The metal and gemstones from your jewelry can also be used for a trade in value.

does the company use scales that are certified by the state? if so, there will be a current permit attached.

At PMR, every item is weighed on a precision scale that was inspected and approved by the State Department of Weights and Measures.

how long has the company been in the precious metals and jewelry business?

We have been in the fine jewelry business for over 50 years, and our founder, Richard Baron, established The National Association of Jewelry appraisers.

does the company take your possessions into a “backroom” to evaluate?

All of our locations are permanent, private and secure. Your items stay within your sight at all times. Each transaction is confidential.

are you dealing with a middleman?

At PMR, you are working directly with the refinery and the buyer.


are their buyers qualified or just sales people?

We have a GIA graduate gemologist on staff. A highly skilled, qualified buyer performs all tests and evaluations in your presence. We evaluate your items, educate you on the process and make you an immediate cash offer.

Are they qualified to examine and assess the value of your heirlooms, including watches and silver?

At PMR, our history is in appraisals. Our expertise is internationally renowned, and 65% of our business is from return customers and referrals.

Why can’t you pay me the price on my written insurance appraisal?

Appraisals tend to be over inflated for the insurance company but do not accurately reflect to todays current market value. Please bring the appraisal with you when you come to Precious Metals. Appraisals tend to be great for measurements and descriptions of the items.

I found some placer gold in the desert, will you buy it as is?

Yes we will buy your plaster gold, however, we must first do a refining contract on the materials to identify how much gold purity is in the plaster. We will pay unto 96% on a refining contract for gold.

If I bring in a written quote from a competitor, will you beat it?

As long as we can verify the quote, and it comes from a reliable source, we will the beat the price to gain your business.


If I want to sell my jewelry on consignment, is that an option?

Yes we can sell your jewelry on consignment. We will write up an agreement and place your items for sale for up to 90 days. Once your item sells we will pay you 85% of the selling price

Is your refinery here in Tucson?

Our refinery is located in Los Angeles, California and we personally deliver the items every other week to refine.

Can I pay off my pawn/loan early?

Yes, your loan can be paid off any time before the 90 day maturity date.

My collection is quite large and I’m not comfortable bringing it to your store. May I set an appointment for you to come to my home?

Yes we are available seven days a week to evaluate your items. Just call any of our locations and schedule an appointment.